Echo Through the Present
Galleri Mors Mössa, 1/6-28/7, 2005 123456789101112131415161718192021

On friday 10/6, saturday 11/6, sunday 12/6 and tuesday 14/6 small cut-out self portraits were placed on the floor of the outer gallery space, one for every day.
On saturday one of the coffeecups had loosened from the ceiling and was placed on the floor of the inner room, next to the table and a drawing of the apartment building pictured on the painting.
On tuesday I added The Clash to the graffiti on the wall in the outer gallery space. I also started on a painting of the exterior of the apartment building depicted on the drawings on the wall. I painted on the MDF-board placed beneath the drawings.
Several more small houses were constructed out of paper and placed on the floor among the figures and plants.
The painting which was leaning against the wall opposite from where the MDF-board stood was hung right underneath the spray-painted moon. The painting next to it, in the corner, was turned upside-down. Above and to the side of the upside-down painting a coffee-painting depicting a walking figure, which had been laying on the floor, was placed.