Echo Through the Present
Galleri Mors Mössa, 1/6-28/7, 2005 123456789101112131415161718192021

On tuesday 12/7 I painted on the large canvas which was in the outer gallery space. Cutout drawings of guitars and amplifiers and a coffeepot were placed at the foot of the painting. On the walls and ceiling around the painting the small cutout self-portraits, which had previously been attached to the ceiling in the inner gallery space, were placed.
On the wall with the drawings and photograph relating to the band Elsewhere Right Now, some more drawings, both whole and cut-out, were hung.
A cut-out drawing of the interior of a kitchen was placed on the painting of the ice-landscape. The painting itself was then taken down from the wall and put in the inner gallery space.
The painting of the skull-structure was moved, so that it faced the large painting. The painting which previously had stood next to the large canvas was moved to the whole wall opposite the large painting.
The large painting itself was then turned upside-down and a large moon was vaguely painted in the upper right hand corner. Along the bottom of the canvas some houses were painted.
The cutout drawings of the band Iron Maiden were moved from the stage on the floor of the outer gallery space and instead placed underneath the table in the inner room.