Echo Through the Present
Galleri Mors Mössa, 1/6-28/7, 2005 123456789101112131415161718192021

On sunday 5/6 a new cut-out self portrait was added to the outer gallery space. It was joined by yet another one on tuesday 7/6. Also on tuesday a new painting was brought to the gallery. On it a kind of snow/ice landscape was painted in oil along the bottom of an MDF-board. Above the landscape golden star stickers were placed. The painting was hung on the wall opposite from the painting of the apartment building in the inner gallery space. The coffeecups on the table were placed on the ceiling above the table. The roll of paper underneath the painting of the building was attached to the wall just below said painting.
In the outer gallery space a group of drawings were placed above and around the blank MDF-board leaning against the one wall. One framed drawing depicted the interior of an apartment, with a view of a doorway leading through a hallway, a kitchen and out through a window. Another drawing was a self-portrait depicting myself dancing in front of my stereo, with two persons riding rollerskates on the soundwaves emanating from the speakers. On the other side of the framed drawing was a drawing of myself standing in front of my guitar and amplifier, a drum-kit to the side with a moon and starry sky above it. Connecting the framed interior with the MDF-board was a drawing of a stairwell. On the floor in front of the board were a bunch of sketches of houses done in the area where I live.
On the wall opposite from the MDF-board, I spray-painted a large moon in white. I also started constructing paper houses, placing them among the figures and potted plants on the floor.