Echo Through the Present
Galleri Mors Mössa, 1/6-28/7, 2005 123456789101112131415161718192021

On thursday 9/6 I brought along another painting (with imagery taken from Death Metal album cover art depicting a building or gateway made out of large skulls against a black background) as well as another coffeepot/boiler. I also brought along a portable stovetop which was placed on the table in the inner gallery space. Coffee was placed in the coffeepots upper container and water in the lower. The coffeepot was placed on the stovetop and the water brought to a boil, causing the water (due to air pressure) to rise into the upper container, where it mixed with the coffee. The stovetop was turned off and as the temperature sank the water (now coffee) sank back into the lower container.
Some drawings done in a free-flowing style were strewn on the floor next to the table. The framed drawing of the keyharp which had been hanging on the wall was removed. On the same wall a drawing of a chalice with two faces rising out of it was placed instead. Another drawing (of a table with a cup) was attached to the wall on which the snowscape painting hung.
On the wall next to the painting of the apartment building the photographs of the buildings door and stairwell were placed. A drawing was hung right above the stairwell photo. Next to the doorway leading to the outer gallery space was a photograph of Gothenburg seen from the mountains in the area of the city known as Johanneberg.
In the outer gallery space another cut-out self portrait was added. The keyharp drawing was taken out of it's frame and hung on the wall next to the drawings of the interiors of an apartment. A photograph depicting myself playing guitar with the duo Elsewhere Right Now (which also features Dan Lundberg on live-mix & sampler) was placed next to the keyharp drawing. Two photographs showing views of Gothenburg from the mountains in the area of the city known as Lunden were also attached to the wall. On the other side of the cluster of drawings was another photograph showing a view of Gothenburg from Lunden, this one taken during the wintertime.
A coffee-drawing depicting a head, a building, some figures and some LP vinyl records was taken from the floor and hung on the wall. Below it, next to the gateway painting, were three notebook drawings, one with Heavy Metal fans, one with a U2-fan and one with a grunge-fan. A small model of a stage constructed out of paper was placed nearby. Tiny graffiti was done with a lead pencil along the bottom of the wall, featuring the bands Iron Maiden, Helloween, Run D.M.C, U2, Public Enemy, Sonic Youth, Pixies and Dead Kennedys. A drawing with the band names Led Zeppelin and Sonic Youth hung on the wall slightly above the Sonic Youth and Pixies graffiti. In the corner right next to these were two photographs of the band Kartoffel Menschen Trio (which I played in between 1993-1994).
A notebook drawing of some figures and faces and the band name Sonic Youth was hung on the wall in the other half of the gallery space near one of the paintings. Another drawing, with two vaguely sketched faces, was placed on the floor between the two painitings.