Echo Through the Present
Galleri Mors Mössa, 1/6-28/7, 2005 123456789101112131415161718192021

On thursday 28/7 I started by removing all the drawings and photographs from the walls of the outer gallery space, except for the framed ink drawing hanging behind the table. The cut-out drawings which were placed on the floor were all removed as well. After this was completed the small cut-out self-portraits which were placed on the ceiling were taken down. The small cut-out self-portait done with coffee was the last figure to be removed, which was followed by the taking down from the wall of the ink drawing.
In the inner gallery space the drawings and photographs on the floor were sorted through and then removed. The cut-out drawing on the ceiling was taken down. Finally the drawings which were hanging on the wall were removed as well.
Afterwards, in the outer gallery space, the paper models of the buildings were removed. The potted plants were placed in bags. The carpet in the inner gallery space was rolled up and it, along with the table, the plants and the other materials, were placed in a car and removed from the now-empty gallery.
The moon which had been spray-painted on the wall was painted over and the lead-pencil graffiti which had been drawn along the bottom of the walls was erased.