Echo Through the Present
Galleri Mors Mössa, 1/6-28/7, 2005 123456789101112131415161718192021

On Thursay 23/6 the drawing of a figure standing next to a guitar amplifier and a drum kit was moved from the outer gallery space to the inner, being hung on the wall next to the framed drawing of the plants. Some drawings I made at the gallery that day were placed on the carpet. The drawings that I cut the U2 and Grunge figures out of were also moved to the inner gallery space. The U2 drawing was placed on the wall next to the large drawing of the apartment building. The drawing of the Heavy Metal fans was placed on the floor near the photographs of the apartment building and it's entrance. One of the drawings that was laying on the carpet was placed on the wall underneath the photograph of the stairwell.
In the outer gallery space, on the wall with the photograph of the band Elsewhere Right Now, more cut-out drawings were added. A drawing was moved from the floor onto the wall, above the photograph.
On the wall with the drawing of the interior of an apartment some cut-out fragments of another drawing of the same interior were added. The coffee-drawings were all removed from the walls of the outer gallery space. The photographs of Gothenburg seen from Lunden were placed on the wall next to the painting of the apartment building. The drawing of a figure dancing in front of a stereo, with persons rollerskating on the soundwaves emanating from the speakers, was removed from the wall and placed on the carpet in the inner room.
A drawing of a figure contemplating a starry sky was placed on the wall next to the gallery's main entrance. A photograph of some stairs leading down a mountain slope was taken from the floor and placed on the wall next to the doorway leading to the inner room. The drawing of the band The Clash as a group of angels was moved, being placed right above the doorway instead. The cut-out figure of the Grunge-fan was placed by the other photographs of the stairs leading up the mountainside.