Mnemonic City (Göteborg/New York) (from the group show "Knock Knock Picnic")
Jack the Pelican Presents Gallery, 7/7-6/8 200612345678910spacer11spacer12spacer13spacer14spacer15spacer16spacer17spacer18spacer19spacer20spacer21spacersongs










Before the opening a pile of ground fair-trade coffee was poured onto the floor near the western wall of the gallery space. Above this pile, on one of the rafters in the ceiling, a photograph of a snow covered parking lot was placed. On the eastern wall a drawing of a house with a figure sitting in a kitchen by a table with a band rehearsing in a downstairs studio was placed. Above this was a cut-out drawing of a band performing on stage, with the words "You are the light by which I travel into this and that" coming out of the speakers. Above this was placed a drawing of two buildings, a forest, some figures walking to meet each other, and the band Sonic Youth performing in the skies above among a moon and some stars. To the side of this drawing was another one of two figures sleeping in a bed. Around this cluster of images three cut-out drawings of different buildings were placed. On the floor could be found two photographs, one of a front porch decorated with christmas lights and one of the Beverly Road subway stop. Also on the floor were the leftover remains of the paper out of which the cut-out drawings had been removed. A photograph of some graffiti (an infinity sign and a hand pointing it's middle finger) was attached to a pillar situated by the coffeegrinds.

On the eastern wall of the gallery two photographs were placed on the ground where the wall meets the floor. One photograph depicted a combined peace and anarchy sign made out of coffeegrinds and situated on a floor-surface. The other photograph depicted a studio space with a building made out of lego-blocks placed on the floor. Also on the floor by the western wall were a photograph of a plastic snowflake laying on the ground and another photograph of a label which read "Sonic Youth Rather Ripped" placed in a garbage bag. On the wall above the photographs a drawing of a figure playing a guitar in an apartment was situated. Onto this drawing a photograph of a corner inside of a room was attached. Below this drawing another one was placed depicting some buildings, a forest, the planet Saturn and some anarchy signs. Around this image-cluster some photographs were added to the wall, two of graffiti reading "Echo", one of a building at night with a lighted sign of a snake swallowing it's own tail, one of a flower-patterned textile-print and one of a tree bearing some clusters of berries. Another cut-out drawing was also placed on the wall depicting a figure in a vaguely defined landscape. Piles of drawings, photographs and drawing materials were placed on the floor as well.

Futher down the eastern wall, in the inner gallery space, another cut-out drawing of a building -this one depicting a rehearsal space- was placed. On the floor below this drawing could be found the remains of the paper out of which it was cut out, and upon which could be seen drawings of five different figures. Two photographs were placed by these remains on the floor, one of a graffitied anarchy sign, and one of a brick wall with the words "punk" written on a drain-pipe in a corner. Above and to the left of the drawing of the rehearsal-space another cut-out drawing was placed, showing the band Sonic Youth perfoming a concert, surrounded by stars above them. Below and to the right of this drawing two photographs were placed -one depicted a park, and the other, cut out and placed above it, depicted a red gateway entrance (which could be seen in the distance in the previously mentioned photograph of the park). To the right of these photographs two drawings depicting figures playing instruments surrounded by anarchy signs, palmtrees and a skateboard were added.

On the edge of one of the walls, dividing the gallery space and separating the inner gallery from the office, was attached a vague drawing of a face.

A two-minute concert of improvised vocal music was performed by The New Noise Trio (Hampus Pettersson, Alyssa St. Vincent and Kamakani Weinberg).

During the course of the opening the pile of coffeegrinds was scattered all over the floor by the visitors.