The exhibition "Recalling Time in Space" was a processual installation which was carried out at Galleri Kvarnen in Hörja, 21/3-6/4 2008. The piece was a three-dimensional representation, in the form of a drawing installation, of different possible ways of connecting memories. The three axles of the gallery space were each designated a timeline corresponding to the amount of years which I had lived. Coordinates were then randomly selected using dice. Each coordinate represented an intersection between three different years in my life, and these intersections became the basis for the generation of a series of drawings where fragments of memories and different aspect of the self were allowed to enter into a dialogue with each other. Time seems to dissolve into space and the sense of a linear life-story gives way to a field which can be explored in a variety of ways and from many different perspectives.

The piece Mnemonic City was a drawing installation I created for the group show Moderna Fabler, shown at Konsthallen, Bohusläns Museum (2/9-19/11 2006), at Konsthallen Millesgården, Stockholm (20/1-18/3 2007), and at Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvalls Museum, (30/3-29/4 2007). The show was produced by Konsthallen, Bohusläns Museum and curated by Andreas Roth, Agneta von Zeipel and Ola Åstrand.

"The Garden City"
The Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, BC, Canada, 13/10-27/10 2006

"The Garden City" by Hampus Pettersson was a process-based installation taking place at the Ministry Of Casual Living gallery in Victoria, Brittish Columbia between 13/10-27/10 2006. The city of Victoria is also known as "The Garden City", and using this theme as a springboard ideas about nature and how we relate to it were explored. This encompassed both general cultural ideas which have been tied to the concept of nature, and more personal reflections based on lived experiences, memories and associations. The idea of the garden is one of nature cultivated and organized by man within the context of our culture. In a similar fashion, elements of nature were taken into the gallery space and used as material for an art piece, but one characterised by dynamic change, growth and a flowing form. Branches, leaves, moss and rocks were utilised to create an environment where video-projections of different forest and garden environments in Gothenburg, Sweden were shown. The local music and art culture was also worked into the piece, which included a series of drawings done in collaboration with artist Cameron Kidd.


"Mnemonic City (Göteborg/New York)"
Part of the show "Knock Knock Picnic" at Jack the Pelican Presents Gallery, New York, 7/7-6/8 2006

"Mnemonic City (Göteborg/New York)" was a process-based installation piece which was enacted at the Jack the Pelican Presents Gallery in New York (7/7-6/8 06) as part of the group-show "Knock Knock Picnic". The piece was site-specific and used the overlap which exists in my life between the two cities of Göteborg (in Sweden) and New York as it's starting-point. This subjective merging of the two cites was carried out through the use of photography, drawings, music, video, paintings, found objects and performance. The piece, which was improvised using the input and stimuli of the city, was continually changing and being worked on, and also included collaborations with Marit Bergman (songwriter), Liz Cummins (vocals), Stefan Johansson (drawings), Jens Lekman (songwriter, musician), Dan Lundberg (sound-manipulation and live-mix), Terese Nordström (musician), Stanley Paulzen (songwriter), Alyssa St Vincent (vocals) and Kamakani Weinberg (vocals).


"The Radius of my Heart"
Galleri Wuthering Heights, Malmö, 24/2-5/3 2006

"The Radius of my Heart" is a process-based installation piece exploring my relationship to music, especially punk, indie-rock and noise. Most of these musical forms of expression have something extroverted, expressive and even explosive about them, yet the idea of finding and defining one's innermost being is often seen as an introspective process requiring time, attentiveness and contemplation.


"Echo Through the Present"
Galleri Mors Mössa, Gothenburg, 1/6-28/7 2005

Check out the show "Echo Through the Present" at Galleri Mors Mössa, Husargatan 11 in Gothenburg! A two-month process-based installation piece (lasting between 1/6-28/7 2005), it explores the relationship between memory, consciousness and identity-formation, both in relations to the self and to the world. A constant state of flux between different states, evoking memories both long gone and recent, imagining futures and seeing the present. Thoughts and emotions recontextualising each other, creating non-linear narratives in an idea-space alternating between the material world and the abstract.

For the duration of the show I will be continually working on the piece, changing things around, exploring various themes. I will be continually updating this site, documenting the changes.


"Crap Art Battle"
Big Love Gallery, Gothenburg, 5/2-13/2 2005

Daniel Rehn vs Hampus Pettersson!

Galleri Elbowroom, Atalante, 26/2-27/3 2005

"Struktur" was a structure built out of Lego bricks and hung in Galleri Elbowroom, a display window above the street outside Atlante, a space for performing arts in Gothenburg. The platform structure gives the illusion of floating freely, suspended in space.

Big Love Gallery, Gothenburg, 11/9-19/9 2004

The show "Hisingen" at Gallery Big Love was a process based installation piece dealing with memories of my childhood in the area of Gothenburg known as Hisingen (where the gallery was situated) and seeing how these memories stood in relation to my present situation. The show had a narrative structure loosley based on the Star Wars movie, "The Empire Strikes Back", which was popular at the time of my childhood. References and characters in the movie seuged into and out of autobiographical recollections of both the far-off and more recent past. Themes were explored and expanded upon. How do we use the stories, themes and narratives presented to us? How do we construct our own stories, rearranging memories, redefining cause-and-effect, and in what sense are all these narratives placed outside of a temporal and linear structure?

Kammaren, Galleri 54, 2003

"Sleep" consisted of a large (ca 1,5 x 1 meter sized drawing) placed on thick wall-to-wall carpeting in the small gallery space. A single spotlight shone on the drawing. The drawing itself was an overhead view of the interior of a spaceship, where all the rooms and corridors were packed with spacemen, sharks (weilding machine-guns, swords and axes) and a few pirates.

"Hisingen" at Valands Graduation Show
Göteborgs Konsthall, 2002

"Hisingen" was a condensed version of my graduation show at Rotor, focusing more on my childhood on Hisingen.

Graduation show
Galleri Rotor, 2002

For my graduation show I focused on three different periods of my past, seeing them in relation to the present. In the inner room was a large installation focusing on the time when I, at ten years of age, moved from Sweden to California, and the overlap between these worlds.
In the main room was one wall with drawings and paintings relating to when I moved back to Sweden from California (at the age of fifteen), living in Hjällbo, Gothenburg.
On the opposite wall was a sprawling presentation of my early 20's, having graduated from high school and finding a community of like-minded people equally interested in punk, indie rock, alternative books, movies, comics and art.
A large yellow and blue painting (the same colors as the swedish flag), "Heja Pizza i Hjällbo", brought all these worlds together and fused them in the present.

  photography by Hampus Pettersson, Margot Jacobs and Daniel Rehn