Mnemonic City, part of the group show "Moderna Fabler", 2006  


Konsthallen, Bohusläns Museum, 2/9-19/11 2006   Konsthallen Millesgården, Stockholm, 20/1-18/3 2007   Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvalls Museum, 31/3-29/4 2007  
  "Mnemonic City" was an installation of drawings shown as part of the group exhibition "Moderna Fabler", shown at Konsthallen, Bohusläns Museum (2/9-19/11 2006); at Konsthallen Millesgården, Stockholm (20/1-18/3 2007); and at Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvalls Museum, (30/3-29/4 2007). The piece is a subjective representation of various places in my home city of Göteborg, Sweden, and the memories and associations that arise therefrom. Different parts of the city overlap and interweave, gliding from the concrete and tangible into the world of subjective experience, fragmented memories coaslescing, then dissolving again, with Göteborg suddenly changing into New York or California. The city both as an expression of a collective identity and culture, and as an externalized memory-bank with the boundaries between inside and outside, between subject and object, in a state of constant flux, the act of walking through the city becoming a simultaneous journey through the soul.
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