The Garden City
The Ministry of Casual Living, 13/10-27/10 200612345678910spacer11spacer12spacersongs



Branches from the surrounding area were taken into the gallery space and placed leaning against the wall in the northwestern corner. A video showing six different walks through nature or garden areas were projected onto the wall behind the branches. All of the video-photage was filmed in Göteborg; four of the sequences were filmed in wild forests, and two of them in garden parks.

Two canvases were taken into the gallery space and placed leaning against one of the walls. A large roll of paper, a hotplate and a pot were also placed in the gallery.

Materials, such as leaves, twigs, rocks, acorns etc taken from a ravine near the gallery were boiled in a pot on the hotplate. The water used was taken from a creek in the above mentioned ravine. The end result of this process was a brownish liquid which was applied through the use of a brush onto one of the canvases. Some of the liquid was also used to make a painting of a band (Kartoffel Menschen Trio) on a sheet of paper removed from the large roll.