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"The Garden City", 2006

"The Garden City" by Hampus Pettersson was a process-based installation taking place at the Ministry of Casual Living Gallery in Victoria, Brittish Columbia between 13/10-27/10 2006. The city of Victoria is also known as "The Garden City", and using this theme as a springboard ideas about nature and how we relate to it were explored. This encompassed both general cultural ideas which have been tied to the concept of nature, and more personal reflections based on lived experiences, memories and associations. The idea of the garden is one of nature cultivated and organized by man within the context of our culture. In a similar fashion, elements of nature were taken into the gallery space and used as material for an art piece, but one characterised by dynamic change, growth and a flowing form. Branches, leaves, moss and rocks were utilised to create an environment where video-projections of forest and garden environments in Gothenburg, Sweden were shown. The local music and art culture was also worked into the piece, which included a series of drawings done in collaboration with local artist Cameron Kidd.

Three pieces of music were recorded during the show, they are here presented in the order of their creation.