"The Joshua Tree", 2001

"The Joshua Tree" is a rerecording of the U2 album of the same name which I did by myself on a four-track portable studio, playing all the instruments (acoustic guitar, bass and drums), as well as singing.


Elsewhere Right Now

Elsewhere Right Now is a band comprised of Dan Lundberg (sampler and live-mix) and Hampus Pettersson (guitar). The band plays improvised pieces, with Dan sampling Hampus's guitar and using these sound-fragments to create dense, polyrythmic soundscapes.



The Hugs collective is an ongoing music project integrating acoustic and electronic sounds. Melodicas, saxophones, keyharps, coins, rocks, celphones, all are united in the world of Hugs, which has regular concerts at the Big Love Gallery, as well as having performed at Atalante in Gothenburg (with the band My Enemy) and Kafe Publik. Members of the collective include Margot Jacobs, Daniel Rehn, David McCallum, Lalya Gaye, Sue Huang, Alexander Berman, Jacob Munkberg, Johan Sandsj, Svante Hermansson, Kristofer Ringenér and whoever else who chooses to join in!

click here to hear Hugs (Alex, David and Hampus) performing at Kafe Publik

Kartoffel Menchen Trio

Kartoffel Menschen Trio existed between 1993-94. Hailing from Mölndal, south of Gothenburg, they were a vital part of the "Maybe Mölndal" scene which flourished at the time (other bands worth mentioning are Elflord, The Groovy Hate Fucks and Musik Snobb).
The band was comprised of Fredrik Eriksson (bass), Lotta Hellstrand (metal drumkit), Hampus Pettersson (bass), Foto-Martin (bass), Peter Z (vocals) and some drum machine which was dubbed Dogge Doggelito.


Home Recordings

Some stuff I recorded at home.


The Radius of my Heart

The music recorded during the show "The Radius of my Heart" at Galleri Wuthering Heights in Malmö.


Pole Position

The band Pole Position is Fredrik Eriksson (from Love is All and La Masa), Johannes Kanschat (from Hello Goodbye) and Hampus Pettersson. Fredrik plays guitar and bass, Johannes drums and Hampus plays guitar and sings. The band is looking for a permanent bass-player, in case anyone wants to try out.


Mnemonic City (Göteborg/New York)

The music included in the piece "Mnemonic City (Göteborg/New York)" from the group exhibition Knock Knock Picnic, which was shown at the Jack the Pelican Presents gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA.


The Garden City

The music created during the show "The Garden City" at the Ministry of Casual Living Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada.


Margot and Hampus

Every once in a while Margot Jacobs and Hampus Pettersson find themselves in the same city. Whenever this happens the opportunity is taken to get together and record covers of songs by indie bands from Göteborg. Swedish lyrics are translated into english, english lyrics are translated into swedish and usually they all wind up being sung simultaneously over a ramshackle musical background.




Shaft are Daniel Carlson (guitar and bass) and Hampus Pettersson (guitar).