The Garden City
The Ministry of Casual Living, 13/10-27/10 200612345678910spacer11spacer12spacersongs













More materials taken from nature were boiled in the pot.

Work was continued on the piece of music based on fragments taken from the Kartoffel Menschen Trio song "Sixteen Buckets of Shit". The finished piece was then played through the gallerys speakers.

Images were cut out of some free local music magazines. Two images of skateboarders were attached to the branches in the northwestern corner of the room. One cut-out image of a crowdsurfing vocalist of a hardcore punk band was placed on the floor. Advertisements for albums by the hardcore punk bands Bad Brains and The Dwarves were placed low on the western wall. In the southeast corner of the room a cut-out image of a vocalist in a hardcore punk band (with a t-shirt reading "No Brains") was placed. On the eastern wall, next to the canvas hung there, were placed cut-out images of an advertisement for a show by the Vancouver-based hardcore punk band D.O.A, an image of the cover of the D.O.A. album "Bloodied but Unbowed", images of the picture-disc of the D.O.A. album "Bloodied but Unbowed" and an image of the cover the the Vancouver-based hardcore punk band Subhumans album "New Dark Age Parade". A drawing of some figures riding skateboards along with the text "Mark Gonzales out for lunch" was also placed on the eastern wall. Affixed to this drawing was a cut-out image of a hand with three claws sticking out of it and with the letter "X" in the background.
Onto the canvas hanging on the wall were affixed three images cut out of the local music magazines: one of an advertisement for a show by the band Subhumans, one of the cover of the D.O.A. album "War on 45", and one of the band Art Brut.
Another image cut out of one of the magazines was a drawing of a slice of pizza with wings on it -this was hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room using fishing line.

The liquid left at the bottom of the pot after boiling the leaves was applied to the canvas leaning against the northern wall.