The Garden City
The Ministry of Casual Living, 13/10-27/10 200612345678910spacer11spacer12spacersongs



More materials taken from nature were boiled in the pot.

The music created using sound-fragments from the Kartoffel Menschen Trio song "Sixteen Buckets of Shit" was played through the gallery's speakers.

The canvas which had been hanging on the eastern wall was taken down, turned 90 degrees counterclockwise and instead placed leaning against the same wall. The video of the forest and garden environments was projected upon the canvas. Some drawings were made on the canvas using a ball-point pen -among the images could be seen a fist with four black flags on the knuckles along with the text "Raised Fist" next to it, as well as the symbol of the Anarcho-Syndicalists. Above one of the flags could be seen a house, and above that a drawing of a burning heart, as well as the text "Umeå Hardcore", a circle with the word "burst" within it, and the word "Opeth". A text fragment cut out of one of the local music magazines, reading "from Sweden", was affixed next to these images. At the bottom edge of the canvas a drawing was made of a pineforest landscape, with a house, a road, a coffeecup and a cinnamon roll in it. At the top of the canvas, underneath the cut-out image of the D.O.A. album "War on 45", a symbol was drawn, incorporating a combined peace and anarchy sign, with a heart-symbol within it, and with eight arrows pointing out of the center (like a compass-rose).

The branches were moved from the northwestern corner of the gallery space, with several of them being suspended from the ceiling, the rest creating a structure in the middle of the room, connecting to the branches above. The cut-out figures of a band, as well as the cut-out images of skateboarders, were placed among the branches.
A poster for a spoken word show by Jello Biafra, which was found in the local neighborhood, was modified by cutting out the photograph of Jello Biafra. The poster was affixed to the northern wall of the gallery, with a ballpoint-pen drawing of a face visible through the hole in said poster. The image of Jello Biafra was further cut out, and placed on the floor. A fragment of another poster, featuring a symbol which combined a peace-sign, an anarchy sign, and an upside-down cross, as well as another image of a guitar above some gears, was placed on the eastern wall.

Song lyrics were written.

The liquid left at the bottom of the pot after boiling the leaves was applied to the same canvas as the previous liquid.