"Hisingen", Gallery Big Love, 2005
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On the second day some of the Star Wars characters (the rebel forces, the heroes of the Star Wars movies) flee the schoolyard/ice planet. Some cut-out drawings are placed outside the perimeter of the sugar-area, possibly indicating outer space. A painting and some wood panels were placed on the ground, leading up to a small portrait of myself wearing Star Wars rebel clothing. Underneath the "Hisingen" painting (with the swedish flag motif) I placed some photgraphs of the house I used to live in, plus the house of my neighbor whom I used to play with. There were also drawings relating to memories from that time. On the other side of the wall, above the labyrinth, I placed some small photographs of the local area, along with a small oil painting based on a drawing of a spaceship that I drew when I was around four. Soundtrack music from the snow planet battle scene in the Star Wars movie "The Empire Strikes Back" played in the background. The Pirate ship continued it's journey.
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photographs by Hampus Pettersson, Margot Jacobs and Daniel Rehn