"Hisingen", Gallery Big Love, 2005
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The Carl Fredrik Hill/Olskroken painting as well as the snowy mountain painting were removed from the wall which divides the outer from the inner gallery space. The Hisingen/Swedish flag painting reappeared instead and was placed by the Kaptain Hook drawing, next to the Lego model of the Millenium Falcon. On the floor was a painting (acrylic on paper) of a pirate ship. The Playmobile pirate ship was on the Lego road-platforms connecting the "Hisingen" area with the "Olskroken" area (the amplifier with the painting of my apartment on top of it).
Stars were drawn with a lead pencil all over the walls and ceiling. The inner room still contained the monitor with the Ewok/Mark Rothko video and the Star Wars figures in the field of sugar. The music in the space continued to be the guitar/organ piece, emanating from the guitar amplifier.
Construction was started on a small Lego stage, plus some Lego models of buildings (the house I used to live in on Hisingen, plus the "B&W" shopping centre where we used to do our shopping).
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photographs by Hampus Pettersson, Margot Jacobs and Daniel Rehn