"Hisingen", Gallery Big Love, 2005
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Construction of the Lego Millenium Falcon spaceship continues amid the Lego-field. I also painted a self-portrait of myself at age 27 as an imagined Star Wars rebel next to a cow, referencing my decision at that time to become a vegetarian (which was tied to a newly awakened interest in politics). Meanwhile, three Luke Skywalker figures continues their journey to the large black painting ("Kaballah") taking him up to and across the ceiling and leading him to the opposite corner of the gallery space. In said corner, on top of a guitar amplifier, a monitor was placed displaying a upside-down video-sequence showing a bridge (Götaälvsbron, connecting Hisingen to the rest of Gothenburg) being crossed. A small painting was added to the corner, depicting Luke on the planet Dagobah with his mentor Yoda, who teaches him in the mystical ways of the force. A key sequence in the film is referenced, when Luke must confront the dark side of the Force (fear, anger, agression) in a dark cave underneath a tree. The soundtrack music continued to depict the flight of the Millenium Falcon through the asteroid field, persued by the Imperial Foces (the villains of the movie).
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photographs by Hampus Pettersson, Margot Jacobs and Daniel Rehn