"Hisingen", Gallery Big Love, 2005
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On the gallery wall where earlier there had been a labyrinth and photographs of my old neighborhood on Hisingen, the large portrait of Kapten Krok is now placed. The drawing is both based on the main character of a comic I drew while living on Hisingen and on myself at age 25 when I moved to Olskroken (known as "Kroken", "The Hook"). A road, created with Lego road-platfoms, starts to form beneath Kapten Kroks feet. A small painting is leaned against the wall depicting my apartment in Olskroken as a log cabin, with the schizophrenic artist Carl Fredrik Hill (1849-1911) sitting in my armchair telling an alter-ego of myself (named Karl) I will find that which I seek on Hisingen. Also on the floor by the wall is the now completed Lego model of the Millenium Falcon spaceship. The pirate ship has disappeared.
Meanwhile, in the corner with the amplifier a guitar has appeared, as well as a carpet leading towards the other side of the gallery. A painting is hung above the divide between the two spaces, depicting my alter-ego Karl on a snow-covered mountain by a cave entrance saying "They forced me in this cave...wouldn't let me out...", recalling a sad memory from my schooldays on Hisingen when I was bullied around. The pile of sugar in the far corner, now empty of other objects, is swept out over the floor. The gold stars and spaceships which were previously on the walls and ceilings were removed. The paintings "Hisingen" and "Under Villan", as well as the photographs and drawings of my old neighborhood, which were on the dividing wall facing the inner space, were removed as well. On this day the music from the "Empire Strikes Back" soundtrack depicting Lukes training with Yoda on the planet Dagobah was played.

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photographs by Hampus Pettersson, Margot Jacobs and Daniel Rehn