The Radius of my Heart
Galleri Wuthering Heights, 24/2-5/3 200612345678910songs


A fresh pot of coffee was brewed.
The song, recording of which had been started the previous day, was completed. Guitars, drums, bass, feedback and vocals were recorded and the track named "Kissing the Air we Breathe".
This song was added to the list of tracks being played in the CD-player in the inner gallery space.
The painting of the pine-forest was taken into the inner gallery space, placed leaning against the wall, underneath the drawing of a figure between two landscapes.
In the outer gallery space the painting of the tree was taken down from it's placement in the corner, angled between the walls and ceiling. It was instead placed on the floor, leaning against the wall where previously the painting of the pine-forest had been.
The drawing of the skeletons playing instruments was moved and placed by the drawing of a figure walking past a fence. The drawing of a chalice, a pair of swans and a figure was also placed by this same drawing. Above these drawings the yellow painting of a table with coffeecups on it was hung.
The sheet of wood upon which a rehearsal space had been painted with coffee was placed by the drawing of a band rehearsing in a house (this drawing having been turned on it's side). To the left of this drawing the drawing of some people with instrument cases was placed (also turned on it's side). Above and to the left was placed the drawing of a sleeping figure. The two pieces of wood which had been on the floor in the inner gallery space were placed beneath the drawings, leaning against the wall. To the right of the coffee-painting the drawing of two heads was placed underneath, and overlapping, one of the cut-out drawings.
The drawing of three heads and a lake was placed above and to the right of the painting of the tree. Slightly above and to the left was placed a cut-out figure of an angel playing an electric guitar.
The drawing of a head surrounded by anarchy-symbols and bricks was placed on the wall to the left of the gallery door.
The laptop computer was placed on the drum-kit and on it's screen could be seen the photograph of a graffitied infinity-sign and a hand with it's middle finger extended.
The sheet of cardboard which was in the inner gallery space was painted on with acrylics, and then taken to the outer gallery space, where it was left of the floor to dry. It was then attached to the wall, to the right of the coffee-painting.